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About Us

In 1956 Jogesh Dutta started his pioneer acting career which culminated in his name becoming synonymous with Mime in India. In his long reign as the prime practitioner of the art, he performed all over India and across the globe, winning every possible award bestowed by Governments and institutions. In 1970 he founded his troupe Padaboli to teach his craft to the next generation of aspiring performers. In time, realizing that he needed a permanent venue, he founded Jogesh Mime Academy in 1975, a performing center for mime and allied arts. The Academy which has a 400 seat auditorium, rehearsal rooms and staging areas, imparts instruction in mime, music, and other allied performing art forms.

The auditorium and related facilities are also rented to both established and aspiring groups to stage their shows; revenues from which help fund the Academy. Leading the Academy today is Prakriti Dutta, a well-known Dhrupad singer, and a disciple of Ustad Fariduddin Dagar. A gold medalist in the Master's program from Rabindra Bharati University, and a further graduate degree in "Music in the Community" from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, she conducted research in music therapy. She spent the better part of ten years performing with musical groups in the UK and across Europe. Now, back in Kolkata, in charge of the Academy, Prakriti is also teaching music therapy at Rabindra Bharati University, working with seriously ill children, and pursuing her individual musical career.

The Academy offers courses at different levels which range from basic to advanced. It also conducts workshops and holds multi-day festivals. The festivals showcase notable mime, music, and acting performers and groups from around the world.

Over the years Padaboli has also successfully constructed a traveling repertory company which performs Mime shows at the Academy all across India and abroad.

Padaboli's Mission

Our mission is to advance the cause of Indian performing arts by creating a wholesome and holistic artistic ecosystem to further our ancient cultural heritage.

What We Do

  • Provide year-round instruction in Mime and allied performing arts to young adults.
  • Hold children's workshops and summer camps
  • Organize and hold Mime and Music Festivals
  • Stage mime shows by the traveling Padaboli Repertory Company
  • Conduct music therapy sessions for seriously ill children at the Academy and local hospitals
  • Manage the auditorium and related facilities for groups that rent and stage shows almost nightly