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About Guru

Jogesh Dutta

Sri jogesh dutta started his life as a boy at a way side tea-stall, but today, in India , mime & jogesh are synonyms. He is the pioneer of Indian mime, one calls up the image of the other. Sir dutta introduced the art of mime in India more than six decades back , and has since been developing it through extensive tour India and abrod , charming people everywhere with his performances.

Initially his exposure to life and reality provided him with knowledge, gained first hand. He felt the urge to give vent to it through a form of expression.


What he wanted was to portray the life of people around him through gestures and not with the aid of words. His search for the medium ended when towards the end of the 50’s of the last century he got it in the pristine art of mime . jogesh started practicing it in his own way fromserious - comic point of view and soon became a “wordless wonder” With his mime team ,jogesh toured throughthe length and breadth of india and also travelled abroad several times , bringing it tributes from u.k,u.s.a, germany,France, Czechoslovakia , Rumania , Bulgaria ,Greece , Czech Republic , Russia , Afghanistan, the Middle east and Canada. Jogesh Dutta a delegate in the World Youth Festival held in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1968. He was honoured as a performing artist in the 10 th world Fair in G.D.R. in 1973.Wherever he went he received enthusiastic welcome from the discerning critics and the general viewers of his show. Institution where budding artists are being carefully groomed by the austere artist, Jogesh Dutta In 1982, jogesh represented india as an oriental Mime instructor in the World Mime Academy Session held in Vienna, Austria. In 1985, he was awarded shiromoni puroshkar as the best performing artist of india.

#In 1986. Jogesh Dutta conducted a workshop on ‘Mudraya’ in Brussels, Belgium. The govt of india films Division made a documentary entitled ‘Silent Art of Jogesh Dutta’, translated into 14 languages, in 1983. This has been preserved in the national archives for the posterity.

Documentary films on Duttta has also been made by many other institutions in France and the United Germany.

The poet of silence is still practicing his art with indefatigable zeal. So much so that he has himself become an institution. He was the guide Professor of Sangeet Natak Academy, Ministry of Culture, Govt of India in 1993 and permanent lecturer of Rabindra Bharati University, in collaboration with Alia Yvar jung National institute, Jogesh Built up a mime school in Mumbai in 1991 for the spastics and the disabled. He is now engaged in developing ‘ silednt world’ a home for the physically handicapped, in behala, Kolkata.

#Some years back, jogesh Dutta Published ‘Mukabinayam’ (The Art of Mime), a comprehensive text on mime. He received Sangeet Natak Academy award in 1993 and doordarshan Award in 1994. He was honoured as ‘King of Mime’ by Banga Sanskriti Sammalan, U.K. in 2006 and came out first in the world Mime festival held in Greece in 2007 in 2008, Jogesh Dutta received a whole life time achievement award from juba kalyan department ( Govt. of W.B) in 2010, Jogesh Duta Received a whole lifetime Achievement Award from Shishu Kishor Academy ( Govt. of W.B).

Jogesh Dutta has received dinabandu Purashkar 2015 from chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. This is the most prestigious award in west Bengal for the lifelong contribution in theatre. He has donated this award to the haematology department of Neelratan Medical college for the well-being of children suffering from thalassemia. He has also been awarded by the biswa Bangla Sammelan. His team performed a this festival. Jogesh Dutta is the father of Oriental Mime. “Marcelmarceu, the renowned mime artists of France.

I do not remember when I took up the art of mime. I have not yet attained perfection, hence I am taking leave from the stage with a feeling of in satiety.