An Institute for
MIME Performing Art

Present by Padaboli (1970)

Year long MIME training festivals courses & performance


A Space for Theater, Music, Drama & all Creative Arts


Annual Production Showcase & Mime Pantomime & Music by Students


Internationa Workshop, Traning Coureses Diploma on Indian MIME


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Welcome toJogesh mime academy

In 1956 Jogesh Dutta started his pioneer acting career which culminated in his name becoming synonymous with Mime in India. In his long reign as the prime practitioner of the art, he performed all over India and across the globe, winning every possible award bestowed by Governments and institutions.

In 1970 he founded his troupe Padaboli to teach his craft to the next generation of aspiring performers. In time, realizing that he needed a permanent venue, in 1975 he founded Jogesh Mime Academy, an educational and performing center.


Padaboli's vision is to advance the cause of Indian performing arts in keeping with our ancient classical heritage.

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