"Padaboli " a forum for performing art , was formed in 1970 under the aegis of Jogesh Dutta , a pioneer of pantomime in India .

The prime object of Padaboli was to revive and developed the forgotten art of pantomime in India . The origin of the art could be traced as far back as 3000 years ago . But the passage of time slowly blotted it out . Padaboli set out to bring back this art of the contemporary world of culture . Beside that Padaboli also aimed at participating in the advancement of other form of Indian culture .

This renaissance of pantomime , as envisaged by Padaboli, would take place in three ways , e.g. , initiation , development and propagation . The first was to be achieved by training students , the second through research work , and the third called for regular shown of pantomime to draw attention of the public to it .

Since its inspection Padaboli started to make process in all three processes . Batches of students were trained in the art of pantomime . Serious research-works on various aspects and ingredients of pantomime , which culminated in the improvisation of new themes and techniques. Regular shows of pantomime were arranged all over India and were acclaimed by all and sundry . The Herculean task of training development , and propagation fell on Jogesh Dutta . He trained students who became full-fledged artistes later . He introduced many themes and incorporated newer techniques to Indian pantomime . And finally , by continues and successful display of his art throughout the world for almost a quarter of a century  he helped in putting Indian pantomime on the cultural map of the world .