In India, mime and the name of JOGESH DUTTA are synonymous . Talking of one evokes the image of the other . JOGESH DUTTA was introduced , and for over forty years pioneered , the art of mime in India , developed it , and finally propagated it in India and abroad. The exposure to life and people through hard and grim reality provided him with knowledge and experience gained first hand . This knowledge urged Jogesh to give it a vent though a form of expression . Thus Jogesh became a comedian portraying life and people around him . But how to express a basic human emotions and instincts where even words became redundant ? That was the birth  cry of Indian mime in 1956 , JOGESH DUTTA had found a form of expression , and become the " wordless wonder " . Once the technique had been found , the art was not late in coming . JOGESH  has toured through the length and  breadth of India showing his art, charming the people everywhere and  infusing them with enthusiasm and interest . As an exponent of Indian culture he has circled the globe several times , bringing a tribute from abroad several times including U.K. , u.s.a. , U.S.S.R. , Germany , France , Czechoslovakia , Rumania , Bulgaria , Holland , Afghanistan , the Middle East , Canada , etc . He was the delegate to the world youth festival in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1968 . He was awarded as a  performing artiste in the 10th world fair held in G.D.R. in 1973 . Everywhere he was acclaimed by the discerning critics as well as by the common people . After he had given shape and depth to the art , a host of the other artists followed in his walk . But he remain the father figure and helped in the initiation and  glooming of many others in this art ultimately came the  national homage paid him in the form of JOGESH mime academy , established in 1971, where he now imparts his talents and technique to the budding artists . 

In July 1982, JOGESH represented India as an oriental mime instructor at the world mime academy session held in Vienna, Austria. in 1985, JOGESH was awarded 'Shiromoni Purosker' as the 'BEST PERFORMING ARTIST IN INDIA'. In 1986 besides being awarded several times in India and abroad JOGESH conducted a workshop on MUDRA organized by AMAUTA in Brussels, Belgium. The Govt. of India through films division has made a documentary film on " Silent Art & JOGESH DUTTA" in 14 different languages in 1983 for nationwide release. The film has also being preserved in the nation archives for the posterity. Course de France (semi-govt.) in France, and united Germany and many other institutions and organizations have also made documentary films on him. The  POET OF SILENCE is still practicing his art with indefatigable zeal, so much so that he has become as institution by himself . At present he is the guide professor of Seengit Natak academy , lecturer and examiner of Rabindra Bharati university . On the other hand he is the honorary rector of the Jogesh mime  academy Calcutta which is the gift of the nation for him . in the year of 1991 , at BOMBAY he was able to build up a mime school for the spastics and disabled in collaboration with ALI YAVAR JUNG national institute . He is now engaged in developing "Prakritir Chhanda" a home for the physically disabled , at Rania Behala , he has recently published Mukabhinayam a comprehensive text on mime. A received national Sangeet natak academy award in 1993 . He is a founder of silent world for disabled person.

Mr. Jogesh Dutta has been awarded for Senior Fellowship in Mime from Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India in 2006