Jogesh mime academy is only one of its kind in India concerning study and training of pantomime and allied arts and craft .

The govt. of West Bengal made a bequest of a plot of land in the city of Calcutta in 1972. The academy was built on such premises with generous contributions from the public . It begun foundation in 1975 . 

The academy is engaged in the revival of 3000 years old art of Indian pantomime , and training student in that art . The courses set up by the academy is comprehensive and all encompassing. It stresses on the plasticity of the body-a basic requirement of mime which is brought about by general physical training , stylized p.t , meaningful p.t , ballet exercises , various movements of thematic acting , and a special course of mime p.t and some practice of yoga .

At the same time students also learn about human anatomy and physiology theory and evolution of mime , birth and growth of dramatic arts of modern day theatre , stagecraft and stage-decor lighting and Indian dance sound and music , make-up , choreography and esthetics .

The academy is affiliated by Sangeet Natak Academy government of India . The students qualified from the academy are eligible for national cultural scholarships given by govt. of India.

The faculty running the academy is composed of highly competent teachers guide of the subjects taught . Moreover several noted artistes are attached to it as visiting professors . There are educational tours organized by the academy for its students . When the students become quite well-trained they are allowed to demonstrate onstage to make them well-versed in stage production . The academy also gives coaching to student from aboard . All the facilities provide to the students at a nominal charge .

Jogesh mime academy thrives on the love and interest shown to it by the art of loving people , and hopes to be equally favored in featured .