Before the dawn of civilization, primitive people express themselves through gestures. Even today, we find children adopting the same technique when their limited vocabulary falls them. How dose the 'silent acting' differ from pantomime?  

The mimicking done by the child is essentially licked with some temporary mundane necessity. On the other hand, pantomime elevates such wordless acting to the level of timeless elegance.

When we go back into past, we find the first faint allusions of the art of pantomime in the 'Adhinayam Adhyaya' of Bharat's Natyashastra, over 3000 years ago. The millennia-old Kathakali and Bharat Natyam dances outlined the language and grammar of pantomime. It was only in the 20th Century the revival of silent expressions began in India.


In 2007 we have achieved the first position in the World Mime Festival in Greece. Up to 2008 Performed in Czech Republic, London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Bulgaria, Berut, Samarkhand, Taskhand, Kajakhisthan, Italy, U.S.A., Canada, Rumania, Netherlands, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, The Middle East, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Bangladesh and Japan.